Estudio del nevus displásico mediante citometría de imagen

  title={Estudio del nevus displ{\'a}sico mediante citometr{\'i}a de imagen},
  author={M. V. de G{\'a}lvez and Enrique Herrera and Lu{\'i}s Vicioso and Muriel Alvarez and Matilde Mendiola and P. S{\'a}nchez and Antoni Matilla},
We studied the DNA-ploidy in 25 dysplastic nevi (DN) by computarized image analysis. The DN were previously selected clinically and histologically, and the cellular and architectural atypical degree was evaluated according to the recomendations of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Cutaneous (EORTC). Two hundred neoplastic nuclei were selected from the thickest tumour area, and we determined the nuclear area, the integrated optical density (IOD), the DNA index (IDNA… CONTINUE READING