Estrogenicity of isoflavones on human endometrial stromal and glandular cells.

  title={Estrogenicity of isoflavones on human endometrial stromal and glandular cells.},
  author={Umit A Kayisli and Cinar Ahmet H Aksu and Murat Berkkanoglu and Aydin Arici},
  journal={The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism},
  volume={87 12},
Endometrium consists of different cell populations such as epithelial and stromal cells and is mainly regulated by sex steroids. Isoflavones are plant-derived estrogenic compounds that have estrogenic and antiestrogenic properties in a cell-specific manner. We hypothesized that one of the potential health benefits of isoflavones may be their ability to regulate endometrial cell function. The present study was conducted to assess estrogenic and/or antiestrogenic effects of isoflavones (genistein… CONTINUE READING
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