Estrogen stimulates transcription of c-jun protooncogene.

  title={Estrogen stimulates transcription of c-jun protooncogene.},
  author={Alessandro Weisz and Luigi Cicatiello and Eliana Persico and M Scalona and Francesco Bresciani},
  journal={Molecular endocrinology},
  volume={4 7},
Estrogen is a mitogen for the rat uterus, where it induces transient activation of c-fos and c-myc protooncogene expression, followed by increases in DNA synthesis and cell proliferation. JUN-C, the product of the c-jun protooncogene, is a nuclear protein that can interact with FOS to modulate the activity of AP-1-responsive promoters. To test whether c-jun is a target for estrogen regulation, we measured the effects of 17 beta-estradiol on the expression of this gene in rat uterus. A human c… CONTINUE READING
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