Estrogen regulates cytokine release in human mast cells.


Estrogens are important for bone homeostasis and are classified as anti-resorptive agents. In ovariectomized rats, mast cell changes occurred during the activation of resorption. In addition, quantitative changes occurred in mast cell population residing near the site undergoing resorption. Considering these studies, mast cells may play a role in osteoporosis. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to study mast cell cytokine production also in the presence or absence of estrogen. When cultured in the absence of estrogen, human mast cells treated with PMA or A23187 demonstrated significantly greater release of TNF-alpha and IL-6 than cells grown under estrogen-depleted condition. Our results show that treatment of mast cells with estrogen prevented PMA or A23187-stimulated TNF-alpha or IL-6 release. These data provide evidence for a potent inhibition of cytokines by estrogen in human mast cells. This study may help to explain the association between mast cells and osteoporosis.

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