Estrogen receptors in mammary gland primordia of fetal mouse

  title={Estrogen receptors in mammary gland primordia of fetal mouse},
  author={Roberto M Narbaitz and Walter Erich Stumpf and Madhabananda Sar},
  journal={Anatomy and Embryology},
Swiss albino mice were injected on day 16 of pregnancy with 3H diethylstilbestrol. Fetuses were sacrificed 3h afterwards, frozen, and processed for thaw-mount autoradiography. The serial sections from 4 fetuses were studied. Intense nuclear concentration of radioactivity was found in the mesenchymal cells directly surrounding the epithelial primordia of the mammary glands, but not in the epithelium itself. Localization was similar in male and female fetuses. These findings are discussed in… CONTINUE READING