Estrogen receptors and breast cancer: prognostic and therapeutic implications.

  title={Estrogen receptors and breast cancer: prognostic and therapeutic implications.},
  author={P V Gapinski and William L. Donegan},
  volume={88 3},
From a review of clinical material, relationships were investigated between tumor estrogen receptors (ER) in breast cancers and (1) response of metastases to chemotherapy or endocrine therapy in 54 patients and (2) prognosis after mastectomy in 274 patients. Considering more than 300 femtomoles of ER per gram of tissue ER "rich" for premenopausal women and more than 700 ER rich for postmenopausal women, 14 of 20 patients (70%) with ER-rich tumors responded to endocrine therapy, whereas only one… CONTINUE READING
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