Estrogen receptor-alpha phosphorylation at serine-118 and tamoxifen response in breast cancer.

  title={Estrogen receptor-alpha phosphorylation at serine-118 and tamoxifen response in breast cancer.},
  author={M. E. de Kok and Caroline Holm-Wigerup and Michael Hauptmann and Rob J.A.M Michalides and Olle St{\aa}l and Sabine Linn and G{\"o}ran Landberg},
  journal={Journal of the National Cancer Institute},
  volume={101 24},
Although estrogen receptor-alpha (ER) [corrected] is a marker used to identify breast cancer patients most likely to benefit from endocrine therapy, approximately 50% of ER-positive [corrected] breast carcinomas are resistant to tamoxifen. Preclinical studies have shown that phosphorylation of ER [corrected] at serine-118 (ER alpha S118-P) is required for tamoxifen-mediated inhibition of ER-induced [corrected] gene expression. We evaluated the association between recurrence-free survival after… CONTINUE READING
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