Estrogen receptor-{beta}-selective ligands alleviate high-fat diet- and ovariectomy-induced obesity in mice.

  title={Estrogen receptor-\{beta\}-selective ligands alleviate high-fat diet- and ovariectomy-induced obesity in mice.},
  author={Muralimohan Yepuru and Jeetendra R. Eswaraka and Jeffrey D. Kearbey and Christina M. Barrett and Sharan Raghow and Karen A. Veverka and Duane D. Miller and James T Dalton and Ramesh Narayanan},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={285 41},
Obesity is an epidemic problem affecting millions of people in the Western hemisphere and costs the United States economy more than $200 billion annually. Currently, there are no effective treatments to combat obesity. Recent studies have implicated the constitutive activity of estrogen receptor (ER) β as an important regulator of metabolic diseases. However, the potential of ER-β-selective ligands to offset obesity is not clear. We evaluated the pharmacological effect of ER-β-selective ligands… CONTINUE READING
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