Estrogen-induced tumors: changes in the vasculature in two strains of rat.

  title={Estrogen-induced tumors: changes in the vasculature in two strains of rat.},
  author={Joel E. Schechter and Nazir Ahmad and Kristin Elias and Richard S. Weiner},
  journal={The American journal of anatomy},
  volume={179 4},
The influence of estrogen on the vasculature of the pars distalis has been studied in two strains of rat that differ in estrogen responsiveness. (Fischer 344 rats are highly estrogen-responsive in comparison to Sprague-Dawley rats.) Ovariectomized adults were implanted with silastic capsules containing 17 beta-estradiol benzoate. Control and experimental animals were sacrificed 10 and 20 days after implantation of the silastic capsules. Pituitary weights and plasma prolactin were elevated… CONTINUE READING


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