Estrogen-independent effects of ER-α36 in ER-negative breast cancer.

  title={Estrogen-independent effects of ER-α36 in ER-negative breast cancer.},
  author={Jing Zhang and Guangliang Li and Zhongqi Li and Xiongfei Yu and Yi cheng Zheng and Ketao Jin and Haohao Wang and Yun Guo Gong and Xiaoping Sun and Xiaodong Teng and Jiang Cao and Li-song Teng},
  volume={77 6},
Estrogen receptor-alpha 36 (ER-α36) is a variant of ER-α that has been found to be expressed in conventional ER (ER-α66)-negative breast cancer cell lines and human breast cancer samples. In this study, we found that, using immunohistochemical study, ER-α36 expression was significantly higher in ER-negative tumors than in ER-positive tumors although the expression was not associated with other clinicopathological characteristics. We then constructed an ER-α36-specific microRNA hairpin vector… CONTINUE READING

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