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Estrellas h\'ibridas con n\'ucleos superconductores de color

  title={Estrellas h\'ibridas con n\'ucleos superconductores de color},
  author={Daniela Curin and Ignacio Francisco Ranea-Sandoval and Milva Gabriela Orsaria and Gustavo An{\'i}bal Contrera},
The aim of this work is the study of hybrid stars interiors from the equations of state describing the matter composing them. We used modern hadronic equations of state to describe the matter in the outer core of these stars. The quark phase is modeled by an extended version of the Field Correlator Method, in which vector interactions among quarks and color superconductivity are included. We analyze the effect of these two contributions on the mass-radius relationship and tidal deformability… CONTINUE READING