Estratgias de comunicao utilizada por indivduos com neuropatia/dessincronia auditiva

  title={Estratgias de comunicao utilizada por indivduos com neuropatia/dessincronia auditiva},
  author={Jerusa Roberta Massola de Oliveira and J{\'e}ssica Kuchar and Talissa Palloni Valarelli},
  journal={Revista Brasileira De Zootecnia-brazilian Journal of Animal Science},
PURPOSE: to investigate which communication strategies, according to Boechat (1992) classification, used by hearing impaired individuals with auditory neuropathy/dys-synchrony. METHODS: a questionnaire prepared by Boechat (1992) was applied, scoring the communication strategies. The questionnaire was used to check if the individuals with auditory neuropathy/dys-synchrony use or not communication strategies and to check their highest and lowest occurrence. RESULTS: the results show that all… Expand
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Monitoring the Hearing Handicap and the Recognition Threshold of Sentences of a Patient with Unilateral Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder with Use of a Hearing Aid
There was a reduction of the auditory handicap, although speech perception continued to be severely limited, and a significant improvement of the recognition threshold of sentences in silence and in noise and of the signal-to-noise ratio after 3 months of HA use. Expand


A contribuio da leitura orofacial na comunicao do neuropata auditivo
PURPOSE: to evaluate the contribution of lip reading for the recognition of speech in patients with auditory neuropathy. METHODS: four subjects were included in the study according to the followingExpand
Os resultados do implante coclear em crianças portadoras de Neuropatia Auditiva: revisão de literatura
The available data suggest that electric stimulation can compensate neural asynchrony and that cochlear implants aid in the rehabilitation process of children with Auditory Neuropathy. Expand
Risk Factors for Auditory Neuropathy/Auditory Synaptopathy
This study shows that the majority of AN/AS in children is the result of perinatal problems and is not genetic in origin, and early hearing screening for AN/ AS including transient evoked otoacoustic emissions and auditory brainstem response assessment among neonates with risk factors for An/AS is crucial in order to better manage patients suffering from this disorder. Expand
Auditory neuropathy with preserved cochlear microphonics and secondary loss of otoacoustic emissions.
It is demonstrated that conventional amplification can benefit pre-lingual auditory neuropathy cases, at least once they have lost their otoacoustic emissions. Expand
Neuropatia auditiva: aspectos relevantes na investigação clínica
Existem varios sinais e sintomas that, associados ou nao, podem sugerir a presenca da neuropatia auditiva, a partir do resultado de exames complementares na avaliacao da audicao17. Expand
Speech perception in individuals with auditory neuropathy.
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Although the present result supports cochlear implantation as one treatment choice for people with AN, it suggests that the use of innovative hearing aids may be another viable option to improve speech perception in noise. Expand
Avaliação da produção de fala em crianças deficientes auditivas usuárias de Implante Coclear Multicanal
O implante coclear demonstrou ser benefico na reabilitacao da neuropatia Auditiva/dessincronia auditiva e, assim como na deficiencia auditiva neurossensorial, o tempo de privacao sensorial influenciou a producao de fala dessas criancas. Expand