Estranging David Copperfield: Reading the Novel of Divorce

  title={Estranging David Copperfield: Reading the Novel of Divorce},
  author={K. Hager},
  pages={1019 - 989}
Halfway through David Copperfield (1849-1850), in the chapter in which David becomes engaged to Dora (in fact, just a week before he proposes), David observes a divorce case at Doctors' Commons. One Thomas Benjamin appears before the Court and successfully sues for a divorce under what David calls "an ingenious little statute."' This statute is the loophole created by the sloppy wording of the Marriage Act of 1753-an act which put an end to clandestine marriages by requiring a parent's consent… Expand
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  • Art
  • Victorian Literature and Culture
  • 2006
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