Estradiol phase shifts circannual body mass rhythms of male ground squirrels.

  title={Estradiol phase shifts circannual body mass rhythms of male ground squirrels.},
  author={Sara M. Hiebert and T. M. Lee and Paul Licht and Irving Zucker},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={274 3 Pt 2},
Gonadectomized male golden-mantled ground squirrels ( Spermophilus lateralis) were implanted with estradiol benzoate (EB)-filled or empty capsules. Body mass was monitored before, during, and for at least 1 yr after hormone treatment. EB treatment during the mass-gain phase of the annual cycle significantly decelerated increases in body mass; the period of the circannual rhythm (CAR) of body mass was 54 days longer in EB- than blank-treated squirrels. Hormone treatment during the mass-loss… CONTINUE READING


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