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Estonians and Russians in Estonia: Is the Soviet Past Still Dominating the Present?

  title={Estonians and Russians in Estonia: Is the Soviet Past Still Dominating the Present?},
  author={Aksel Kirch and Tarmo Tuisk},
Given Estonia’s gaining EU membership in 2004 and joining the European single labour market and being within the Schengen treaty space, the assumption of our research was that historical context would hold reduced salience for the two main ethnic groups of Estonia, giving way to perceptions, expressions, and nuances of some more modern, common European identity. Such assumptions are foregrounded by a number of social, economic, and demographic shifts since having joined the EU. 

Three Phases of the Theatrical Public Sphere in Estonian Theatre

The concept of the public sphere by Jürgen Habermas has inspired humanities and theatre studies. Estonia, as a small post-totalitarian nation state, proves the concept especially relevant as its


The goal of the study was to assess entrepreneurial identity focusing on the beliefs and values such as individualism, risk-taking, innovativeness, opportunity recognition and tolerance. Methods: An

Education Reforms and Adult Skills: Evidence from Estonia

Abstract This paper studies the impact of education reforms in Estonia in the 1990s on adult skills using the OECD PIAAC surveys. Estonia implemented extensive education reforms in the early 1990s



Group Identity Dynamics of Estonian and Polish Students in the EU Integration Process

The results of the study are: 1) comparison of Polish and Estonian students' (as specific sensitive groups in society) Euro-attitudes to certain essential features of the European Union integration


  • C. Tilly
  • BMJ : British Medical Journal
  • 2001
I t i s s a d to write about the work of a scholar of formidable energy and intellectual vitality whose voice has just fallen silent, more especially when those qualities have invigorated several

Identity structure analysis

Manual for identity exploration using personal constructs

Eesti välisränne alates 1920. aastatest (Migration in Estonia since 1920s)

  • Eesti Statistika Kuukiri -Montly Bulletin of Estonian Statistics
  • 2008

Identity exploration: Theory into practice

  • 2003

Eesti välisränne alates 1920

  • aastatest (Migration in Estonia since 1920s). Eesti Statistika Kuukiri - Montly Bulletin of Estonian Statistics, No 8, 5-12.
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Readiness to Fight in Crimea: How It Interrelates with National and Ethnic Identites

Estonian Labour Force Survey

  • 2007

Kes on õigemad eestlased?

  • Eesti Päevaleht