Estimation of sleep posture using a patch-type accelerometer based device

  title={Estimation of sleep posture using a patch-type accelerometer based device},
  author={Hee Nam Yoon and Su-Hwan Hwang and Da Woon Jung and Sangho Choi and Kwangmin Joo and Jaewon Choi and Yu-Jin Lee and Do-Un Jeong and Kwang Suk Park},
  journal={2015 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)},
In this study, we developed a sleep posture estimation algorithm using 3-axis accelerometer signals measured from a patch-type sensor. Firstly, we inspected the characteristics of accelerometer signals for different sleep postures. Based on the results, we established decision rules to estimate 5 postures containing supine, left, right lateral, prone postures, and non-sleep postures such as sitting and standing. The algorithm was tested by the data from thirteen subjects during night time PSG… CONTINUE READING


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