Estimation of realised genetic trends in French Large White pigs


no. 613 An experiment was set up in order to estimate realized genetic trends in the French Large White (LW) pig breed. Two groups of pigs (G77 and G98) were produced by inseminating LW sows with semen of LW boars born in 1977 or in 1998. Three generations of G77 and G98 pigs were produced by inter se matings. Farrowing and early lactation periods were thoroughly investigated on a total of 137 first and second parity litters from second generation G77 and G98 sows (68 and 69 litters, respectively). The data were analysed using mixed and generalized linear models (for binary data). The total number of piglets born per litter and farrowing length did not significantly differ between G77 (11.9±0.5 and 244±23 min, respectively) and G98 (12.7±0.5 and 275±25 min, respectively) sows. G98 piglets were heavier at birth than G77 (+0.11±0.05 kg when adjusted for TNB), but had a higher probability of being stillborn (odds ratio of 1.5). More detailed analyses of the farrowing process (kinetics of birth,...), of sow behaviour and of piglet vitality at birth (time to first suckling,...) are also presented.

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