Estimation of prey consumption of a mantid,Paratenodera angustipennis (S.) in a natural habitat

  title={Estimation of prey consumption of a mantid,Paratenodera angustipennis (S.) in a natural habitat},
  author={T. Matsura and S. Nagai},
  journal={Researches on Population Ecology},
  • T. Matsura, S. Nagai
  • Published 2006
  • Biology
  • Researches on Population Ecology
  • Using a relationship between prey consumption and growth rate, field prey consumption of adults ofParatenodera angustipennis (S.) in a paddy field was estimated. Since a great number of grasshoppers (Oxya japonica) lived in the research area and the mantids had frequently eatenO. japonica, we presumed that they consumed onlyO. japonica. As a result, it was estimated that average prey consumptions for 6 days were 406 mg for the females and 23 mg for the males. From the result of this estimation… CONTINUE READING
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