[Estimation of chlorophyll content in apple tree canopy based on hyperspectral parameters].


The hyperspectral reflectance of apple tree canopy during spring shoots stopping growth period was measured using ASD FieldSpec3 field spectrometer. Original spectral data were processed in deviation forms, and significant spectrum parameters correlated with chlorophyll content were found out with correlation analysis. The best vegetation indices were chosen and the apple canopy chlorophyll content estimation model was established by analyzing vegetation index of two-band combination in the sensitive region 400-1 350 nm. The result showed that (1) The sensitive band region of apple canopy chlorophyll content is 400-1 350 nm. (2) The vegetation index CCI(D(794)/D(763)) can commendably estimate the apple canopy chlorophyll content. (3) The model with CCI(D(794)/D(763)) as the independent variables was determined to be the best for chlorophyll content prediction of apple tree canopy. Therefore, using hyperspectral technology can estimate apple canopy chlorophyll content more rapidly and accurately, and provides a theoretical basis for rapid apple tree canopy nutrition diagnosis and growth monitoring.

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