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Estimation of System Reliability in Multi- Component Series Stress-strength Models

  title={Estimation of System Reliability in Multi- Component Series Stress-strength Models},
  author={David D. Hanagal}
In this paper, we estimate the reliability of series system with k components. We assume the strengths of these k components are subjected to a common stress which is independent of the strengths of the k components. If (X 1 , ..., X k) are strengths of k components subjected to a common stress X k+1 , then the reliability of the series system or system reliability (R) is given by (k+1) independent Gamma, Weibull and Pareto distributions. We also obtain the asymptotic normal(AN) distributions… 
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3 Stress-strength models for reliability
Estimation of Reliability For a Series Stress-Strength System
  • N. Ebrahimi
  • Mathematics
    IEEE Transactions on Reliability
  • 1982
The reliability, an upper bound for it, and an asymptotic estimator for it, for a series stress-strength system have been derived under several assumptions.
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