Estimation of Optimized Energy and Latency Constraints for Task Allocation in 3d Network on Chip

  title={Estimation of Optimized Energy and Latency Constraints for Task Allocation in 3d Network on Chip},
  author={Vaibhav Jha and Mohit Jha and G. K. Sharma},
In Network on Chip (NoC) rooted system, energy consumption is affected by task scheduling and allocation schemes which affect the performance of the system. In this paper we test the pre-existing proposed algorithms and introduced a new energy skilled algorithm for 3D NoC architecture. An efficient dynamic and cluster approaches are proposed along with the optimization using bio-inspired algorithm. The proposed algorithm has been implemented and evaluated on randomly generated benchmark and… Expand
A new efficient multi‐task applications mapping for three‐dimensional Network‐on‐Chip based MPSoC
This paper proposes an efficient multi‐task mapping algorithm targeting regular 3D NoC that allows an incremental mapping and parallel execution of many applications onto different partitions on the 3 D NoC. Expand
A Survey and Comparative Study of Hard and Soft Real-Time Dynamic Resource Allocation Strategies for Multi-/Many-Core Systems
An extensive survey of hard and soft real-time dynamic resource allocation strategies proposed since the mid-1990s is provided and highlights the emerging trends for multi-/many-core systems. Expand


Energy and Latency Aware Application Mapping Algorithm & Optimization for Homogeneous 3D Network on Chip
A new energy proficient algorithm stand for 3D NoC architecture is introduced and implemented using bioinspired optimization (particle swarm optimization) technique and has shown better reduction in the communication energy consumption and shows improvement in the performance of the system. Expand
An efficient energy- and bandwidth- aware mapping algorithm for regular NoC architecture
A new efficient energy and bandwidth aware topological mapping of IPs onto regular tile-based NoC architecture is presented and there is a significant reduction in execution time of the proposed algorithm as compared to the other techniques. Expand
Energy- and performance-aware mapping for regular NoC architectures
  • Jingcao Hu, R. Marculescu
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems
  • 2005
In this paper, we present an algorithm which automatically maps a given set of intellectual property onto a generic regular network-on-chip (NoC) architecture and constructs a deadlock-freeExpand
Cluster-based application mapping method for Network-on-Chip
  • S. Tosun
  • Computer Science
  • Adv. Eng. Softw.
  • 2011
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Communication and task scheduling of application-specific networks-on-chip
A novel energy-aware scheduling (EAS) algorithm which statically schedules application-specific communication transactions and computation tasks onto heterogeneous network-on-chip (NoC) architectures and proposes an efficient heuristic to solve it. Expand
A Technique for NoC Routing Based on Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
The proposed routing methodology, based on the Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Algorithm, is applied on the 2D-Mesh NoC platform to balance the link load and can efficiently assign deterministic, deadlock-free, minimal routing paths for traffic traces in a short period of time, and significantly guarantee the bandwidth requirement. Expand
An Objective-Flexible Clustering Algorithm for task mapping and scheduling on cluster-based NoC
Experiments show that objectives can be adjusted via different parameter ratios performing OFCA and 57% energy savings on average can be achieved compared to CM Algorithm when employed to streaming applications of 18, 36, and 40 tasks. Expand
Thermal management via task scheduling for 3D NoC based multi-processor
A thermal management method using task scheduling to limit chip temperature under required constraints as well as consider performance degradation caused by moving task to a core far away from its data is proposed. Expand
Thermal-aware mapping and placement for 3-D NoC designs
  • Charles Addo-Quaye
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Proceedings 2005 IEEE International SOC Conference
  • 2005
This paper proposes the use of a genetic algorithm for a thermal and communication aware mapping and placement of application tasks on 3D NoC environment, and shows a significant reduction in system temperature when compared to a random mapping and placed. Expand
Energy- and Latency-Aware NoC Mapping Based on Chaos Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization
  • Wang Lei, Ling Xiang
  • Computer Science
  • 2010 International Conference on Communications and Mobile Computing
  • 2010
A heuristic mapping algorithm based on chaotic discrete particle swarm optimization is proposed that can automatically resolve the mapping problem to optimize the delay and energy consumption. Expand