Estimation and Prediction of the GIOVE Clocks

  title={Estimation and Prediction of the GIOVE Clocks},
  author={Irene Hidalgo and Ricardo P{\'i}riz and Alberto Mozo and G. Tob{\'i}as and P. Tavella and Ilaria Sesia and Giancarlo Cerretto and Pierre Waller and Felma Gonzalez and Jonathan Hahn},
Abstract : In preparation for the development of the Galileo system, the European Space Agency (ESA) launched in 2002 the development of an experimental ground segment (Galileo System Test Bed Version 1). Within the GSTB-V1 project, tests of Galileo algorithms were conducted processing GPS global data at the Ground Processing Center (GPC) located at ESA/ESTEC in The Netherlands. In December 2005 and then in April 2008, two experimental Galileo satellites called GIOVE-A and GIOVE-B, respectively… CONTINUE READING