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Estimation Algorithm Non-Stationary Frequency of the Sinusoidal Signal

  title={Estimation Algorithm Non-Stationary Frequency of the Sinusoidal Signal},
  author={S. I. Nizovtsev and Sergei V. Shavetov and Anton A. Pyrkin},
The article considers the problem of identifying the variable frequency of a sinusoidal signal. To obtain a regression model of the signal, an iterative differentiation of the original analytical expression is performed, and the swapping lemma is applied. The estimation of the parameters of the non-stationary frequency is implemented using the dynamic expansion of the regressor and mixing (DREM) procedure and the Luenberger observer. As a result of the numerical simulation, the efficiency of… Expand


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Ведяков. Идентификация полиномиальных параметров нестационарных линейных систем // Известия высших учебных заведений
  • Приборостроение. 2021
  • 2021
Real-time vibration monitoring