Estimating tree biomass of sub-Saharan African forests: a review of available allometric equations.

  title={Estimating tree biomass of sub-Saharan African forests: a review of available allometric equations.},
  author={Matieu Henry and Nicolas Picard and Carlo Trotta and Rapha{\"e}l J. Manlay and Riccardo Valentini and M. Bernoux and Laurent Saint-Andre},
  journal={Silva Fennica},
In response to the growing interest in estimating carbon stocks in forests, available allometric equations have been compiled for sub-Saharan Africa. [] Key Method Tree, sprout and stand volume and biomass equations were reviewed. The 850 equations and 125 related references were incorporated into an open-access database on the Carboafrica website (http://www.carboafrica. net). The collected information provides a basic tool for the estimation of biomass and carbon stocks and other purposes, such as…

Tree Allometric Equations in South Asia

Estimation of volume, biomass and carbon stocks support several applications from the commercial exploitation of timber to global carbon cycle. Especially in the latter context the estimation of tree

A review of forest and tree plantation biomass equations in Indonesia

Key messageWe compiled 2,458 biomass equations from 168 destructive sampling studies in Indonesia. Unpublished academic theses contributed the largest share of the biomass equations. The availability

A critical review and database of biomass and volume allometric equation for trees and shrubs of Bangladesh

Estimations of biomass, volume and carbon stock are important in the decision making process for the sustainable management of a forest. These estimations can be conducted by using available

Allometric equations from a non-destructive approach for biomass prediction in natural forest and plantation in West Africa

The study shows that there are no statistically significant differences between the wood densities in this research and that published in previous studies.

Species-specific allometric equations for improving aboveground biomass estimates of dry deciduous woodland ecosystems

Allometric equations are important for quantifying biomass and carbon storage in terrestrial forest ecosystems. However, equations for dry deciduous woodland ecosystems, an important carbon sink in

Modeling of Above Ground Biomass for Selected Indigenous Acacia Species in Omo-Gibe Woodland Ecosystem, South Western Ethiopia

Allometric equations are used to estimate accurate biomass and carbon stock of forests. However, in Ethiopia only few allometric equations as compared to its floral diversity and species-specific

Allometric Equations For Ethiopian Acacia Species 

An allometric equation to estimate the Above-ground Biomass (AGB) of the four Acacia species and the model containing DBH alone was more accurate to estimate AGB compared to the use of multiple predictor variables.

Allometric equation for aboveground biomass estimation for selected trees shrubs in Gesha 1

8 Background: Allometric equations which are regressions linking the biomass to some 9 independent variables that are used to estimate tree components from the forest. The generic 10 equation



Biomass component equations for Latin American species and groups of species

  • J. Navar
  • Environmental Science
    Annals of Forest Science
  • 2011
Abstract• Studies dealing with the estimation of biomass, site productivity and the contribution of forests to the global carbon balance require the use of allometric equations. There have been a

On simplifying allometric analyses of forest biomass

Tree allometry and improved estimation of carbon stocks and balance in tropical forests

A critical reassessment of the quality and the robustness of these models across tropical forest types, using a large dataset of 2,410 trees ≥ 5 cm diameter, directly harvested in 27 study sites across the tropics, is provided.

Biomass and stem volume equations for tree species in Europe

A review of stem volume and biomass equations for tree species growing in Europe is presented and indicated that most of the biomass equations were developed for aboveground tree components.

The use of a best-fit allometric model to estimate aboveground biomass accumulation and distribution in an age series of teak ( Tectona grandis L . f . ) plantations at Gambari Forest Reserve , Oyo State , Nigeria

Biomass accumulation and distribution in four selected plots of an age series (5, 8, 11 and 14 years) of teak plantations were studied. Ten trees per plot (50 m x 50 m) were randomly selected and

Estimation of nutrient content of woody plants using allometric relationships: quantifying the difference between concentration values from the literature and actuals

It is concluded that allometric methods can give reliable and accurate estimates of above-ground biomass and nutrient content of woody species, provided that the values for nutrient concentrations are obtained from local samples and not from average values found in the literature.

Age-related equations for above- and below-ground biomass of a Eucalyptus hybrid in Congo