Estimating the variation in S phase duration from flow cytometric histograms.


A stochastic model for interpreting BrdUrd DNA FCM-derived data is proposed. The model is based on branching processes and describes the progression of the DNA distribution of BrdUrd-labelled cells through the cell cycle. With the main focus on estimating the S phase duration and its variation, the DNA replication rate is modelled by a piecewise linear function, while assuming a gamma distribution for the S phase duration. Estimation of model parameters was carried out using maximum likelihood for data from two different cell lines. The results provided quite a good fit to the data, suggesting that stochastic models may be a valuable tool for analysing this kind of data.

DOI: 10.1016/j.mbs.2008.01.009

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@article{Larsson2008EstimatingTV, title={Estimating the variation in S phase duration from flow cytometric histograms.}, author={Sara J. Larsson and Tobias Ryd{\'e}n and Ulla Holst and Stina Oredsson and Maria Johansson}, journal={Mathematical biosciences}, year={2008}, volume={213 1}, pages={40-9} }