Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science

  title={Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science},
  author={A. A. Aarts and J. Anderson and Christopher J. Anderson and Peter Raymond Attridge and A. Attwood and J. Axt and M. Babel and {\vS}těp{\'a}n Bahn{\'i}k and Erica Baranski and M. Barnett-Cowan and E. Bartmess and J. Beer and R. Bell and H. Bentley and Leah Beyan and Grace Binion and D. Borsboom and A. Bosch and F. Bosco and Sara E. Bowman and M. Brandt and E. L. Braswell and Hilmar Brohmer and B. Brown and K. Brown and J. Bruening and Ann Calhoun-Sauls and Shannon P. Callahan and E. Chagnon and J. Chandler and Christopher R. Chartier and F. Cheung and Cody Daniel Christopherson and L. Cillessen and Russ Clay and Hayley M. D. Cleary and Mark D. Cloud and M. Conn and J. Cohoon and Simon Columbus and A. Cordes and G. Costantini and L. Alvarez and Ed Cremata and Jan Crusius and Jamie DeCoster and Michelle A. DeGaetano and Nicol{\'a}s Delia Penna and Bobby Den Bezemer and M. Deserno and Olivia Devitt and Laura Dewitte and David G. Dobolyi and Geneva T. Dodson and M. B. Donnellan and Ryan C Donohue and Rebecca A. Dore and Angela R Dorrough and Anna Dreber and M. Dugas and E. Dunn and K. Easey and Sylvia Eboigbe and Casey Eggleston and Jo Embley and S. Epskamp and T. M. Errington and Vivien Estel and Frank J. Farach and Jenelle Feather and Anna Fedor and Bel{\'e}n Fern{\'a}ndez-Castilla and S. Fiedler and James Field and Stanka A. Fitneva and T. Flagan and Amanda L Forest and Eskil Forsell and J. Foster and Michael C. Frank and Rebecca S. Frazier and H. Fuchs and Philip A. Gable and Jeff Galak and E. M. Galliani and Anup Gampa and S. Garc{\'i}a and D. Gazarian and E. Gilbert and R. Giner-Sorolla and A. Gloeckner and Lars Goellner and Jin X. Goh and R. Goldberg and P. T. Goodbourn and Shauna Gordon-McKeon and Bryan H. Gorges and Jessie Gorges and Justin Goss and J. Graham and J. Grange and J. Gray and C.H.J. Hartgerink and Joshua K. Hartshorne and F. Hasselman and T. Hayes and Emma Heikensten and F. Henninger and J. Hodsoll and Taylor Holubar and Gea Hoogendoorn and Denise J. Humphries and C. O. Hung and N. Immelman and V. C. Irsik and G. Jahn and Frank J{\"a}kel and Marc Jekel and M. Johannesson and L. Johnson and D. J. Johnson and Kate M. Johnson and W. J. Johnston and K. Jonas and Jennifer A. Joy-Gaba and H. Kappes and Kim Kelso and Mallory C Kidwell and S. K. Kim and M. Kirkhart and Bennett Kleinberg and Goran Kne{\vz}evi{\'c} and F. Kolorz and Jolanda J. Kossakowski and R. Krause and J. Krijnen and T. Kuhlmann and Y. K. Kunkels and Megan M. Kyc and Calvin K Lai and Aamir Laique and D. Lakens and K. Lane and Bethany Lassetter and Ljiljana B Lazarevi{\'c} and Etienne P. Le Bel and K. Lee and Minha Lee and K. Lemm and Carmel A. Levitan and Melissa Lewis and Lin Lin and Stephanie C. Lin and Matthias Lippold and D. Loureiro and Ilse Luteijn and S. Mackinnon and Heather N. Mainard and Denise C. Marigold and Daniel P. Martin and Tylar Martinez and E. Masicampo and Josh Matacotta and M. Mathur and M. May and Nicole C Mechin and P. Mehta and Johannes M. Meixner and Alissa Melinger and J. K. Miller and Mallorie Miller and K. M. Moore and Marcus M{\"o}schl and M. Motyl and S. Muller and M. Munaf{\`o} and K. Neijenhuijs and Taylor Nervi and Gandalf Nicolas and G. Nilsonne and Brian A. Nosek and Mich{\`e}le B Nuijten and C. Olsson and C. Osborne and Lutz Ostkamp and Misha Pavel and I. Penton-Voak and O. Perna and C. Pernet and M. Perugini and R. Pipitone and M. C. Pitts and F. Plessow and J. Prenoveau and Rima Maria Rahal and Kate A Ratliff and David A. Reinhard and Frank Renkewitz and Ashley A. Ricker and Anastasia E. Rigney and Andrew M. Rivers and Mark A. Roebke and Abraham M. Rutchick and R. Ryan and O. Şahin and Anondah Saide and G. Sandstrom and David Santos and R. Saxe and Ren{\'e} Schlegelmilch and K. Schmidt and Sabine Scholz and Larissa Seibel and Dylan Selterman and Samuel Shaki and W. Simpson and H. Sinclair and Jeanine L. M. Skorinko and A. Słowik and Joel S. Snyder and Courtney K Soderberg and C. Sonnleitner and Nick Spencer and J. Spies and Sara Steegen and Stefan Stieger and Nina Strohminger and G. Sullivan and Thomas Talhelm and M. Tapia and A. T. Dorsthorst and M. Thomae and Sarah L. Thomas and P. Tio and Frits Traets and Steve Tsang and Francis Tuerlinckx and Paul Turchan and Milan Val{\'a}{\vs}ek and Anna E. van ’t Veer and R. C. M. Aert and M. A. Assen and R. V. Bork and M. V. D. Ven and D. V. D. Bergh and Marije van der Hulst and R. V. Dooren and J. V. Doorn and Daan R. van Renswoude and H. Rijn and W. Vanpaemel and Alejandro V{\'a}squez Echeverría and Melissa Vazquez and Natalia V{\'e}lez and M. Vermue and M. Verschoor and M. Vianello and M. Voracek and Gina Vuu and Eric-Jan Wagenmakers and Joanneke Weerdmeester and A. Welsh and Erin C Westgate and Joeri Wissink and M. Wood and A. T. Woods and E. M. Wright and Sining Wu and Marcel Zeelenberg and Kellylynn Zuni},
  • A. A. Aarts, J. Anderson, +267 authors Kellylynn Zuni
  • Published 2015
  • Medicine, Mathematics
  • Science
  • Empirically analyzing empirical evidence One of the central goals in any scientific endeavor is to understand causality. Experiments that seek to demonstrate a cause/effect relation most often manipulate the postulated causal factor. Aarts et al. describe the replication of 100 experiments reported in papers published in 2008 in three high-ranking psychology journals. Assessing whether the replication and the original experiment yielded the same result according to several criteria, they find… CONTINUE READING

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