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Estimating the population mean using stratified median ranked set sampling

  title={Estimating the population mean using stratified median ranked set sampling},
  author={Kamarulzaman Ibrahim and Mahmoud Ibrahim Syam and Amer Ibrahim Falah Al-Omari},
  journal={Applied mathematical sciences},
In this paper, stratified median ranked set sampling (SMRSS) method is suggested for estimating the population mean. The SMRSS is compared with simple random sampling (SRS), stratified simple random sampling (SSRS) and stratified ranked set sampling (SRSS). It is shown that SMRSS estimator is an unbiased of the population mean of symmetric distributions and is more efficient than its counterparts using SRS, SSRS and SRSS. 
Stratified Median Ranked Set Sampling: Optimum and Proportional Allocations
In this paper, for the Stratified Median Ranked Set Sampling (SMRSS), proposed by Ibrahim et al. (2010), we examine the proportional and optimum sample allocations that are two well-known methods for
Ranked Set Sampling and its Applications in Survey Sampling
In this study, we suggest different classes of Hartley-Ross type unbiased estimators for estimating the population mean (Ȳ ) of the study variable Y under ranked set sampling (RSS) and stratified
Ratio-Type Estimation Using Scrabled Auxiliary Variables in Stratification Under Simple Random Sampling and Ranked Set Sampling
This chapter introduced basic elements on stratified simple random sampling (SSRS) on ranked set sampling (RSS). The chapter extends Singh et al. results to sampling a stratified population. The mean
Stratified pair ranked set sampling
ABSTRACT Stratified pair ranked set sampling is introduced and applied in estimating the population mean. Mathematical properties of the suggested estimator are treated. The estimator and its
Bayesian Estimation and Prediction for Pareto Distribution based on Ranked set Sampling
Bayesian estimation for the parameters of the Pareto distribution based on simple random sample and ranked set sampling in two cases, one cycle and m-cycle is provided.
Estimation of population mean under different stratified ranked set sampling designs with simulation study Application to BMI Data
In this article, we have compared the performance ratio-type estimators in some stratified ranked set sampling methods. These sampling methods are stratified random sampling, stratified ranked set
Weibull-Bayesian Estimation Based on Maximum Ranked Set Sampling with Unequal Samples
A modification of ranked set sampling (RSS) called maximum ranked set sampling with unequal sample (MRSSU) is considered for the Bayesian estimation of scale parameter α of the Weibull distribution.
Generalized Chain Regression-cum-Chain Ratio Estimator for Population Mean under Stratified Extreme-cum-Median Ranked Set Sampling
Estimation of population mean of study variable Y suffers loss of precision in the presence of high variation in the data set. The use of auxiliary information incorporated in construction of an
Improved quality control charts for monitoring the process mean, using double-ranked set sampling methods
The findings of the study revealed that the newly suggested control charts are superior to the existing counterparts.
Application of Integrated Median Ranked Set Sample and Analytic Hierarchy Process to Enhance Decision Making Process in Environmental Issues-Selecting Best Wastewater Collection as a Case Study
The introduced integrated model may offer a promising tool to improve the decision-making process and help the environmental planners in term of reduction uncertainty and subjectivity of human judgments.


Percentile Double Ranked Set Sampling
In this paper, percentile double ranked set sampling (PDRSS) method is suggested for estimating the population mean. The PDRSS method is compared with the simple random sampling (SRS), ranked set
L Ranked Set Sampling: A Generalization Procedure for Robust Visual Sampling
It is shown that the LRSS method gives unbiased estimator for the population mean with minimum variance providing that the underlying distribution is symmetric.
Estimation of the mean of the exponential distribution using moving extremes ranked set sampling
Moving Extremes Ranked Set Sampling (MERSS) is a useful modification of Ranked Set Sampling (RSS). Unlike RSS, MERSS allows for an increase of set size without introducing too much ranking error. The
Median ranked set sampling with size biased probability of selection
Median ranked set sampling may be combined with size biased probability of selection. A two-phase sample is assumed. In the first phase, units are selected with probability proportional to their
A method for unbiased selective sampling, using ranked sets
The application of the ranked sample method to pasture measurement is discussed and the means of such a sample is slightly less than (n + 1)/2 times more efficient than the mean of n items taken at random.
Ranked Set Sub Sampling the Non Response Strata for Estimating the Difference of Means
The existence of missing observations when the difference of means is estimated determines the need of sub sampling among the non respondents. Ranked set sampling is used for sub sampling. The
Ranked Set Sampling Theory with Order Statistics Background
Ranked set sampling employs judgment ordering to obtain an estimate of a population mean. The method is most useful when the measurement or quantification of an element is difficult but the elements
Multistage ranked set sampling
Double quartile ranked set samples
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