Estimating the mode of a phase distribution

  title={Estimating the mode of a phase distribution},
  author={B. Quinn},
  journal={2007 Conference Record of the Forty-First Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers},
  • B. Quinn
  • Published 2007 in
    2007 Conference Record of the Forty-First…
If the phase of the theoretical mean of a complex-valued random variable is estimated by the sample mean of observed phases, there is a theoretical bias which results from the fact that phases are only measured on an interval of length 2pi, so that, for example, -pi and pi may represent the same phase. Thus if a true phase or direction is say, near pi, then the observed phases may instead be near -pi. In this paper, a least squares estimator of phase is proposed which accounts for this ";phase… CONTINUE READING

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