Estimating the Economic Value of Narwhal and Beluga Hunts in Hudson Bay, Nunavut

  title={Estimating the Economic Value of Narwhal and Beluga Hunts in Hudson Bay, Nunavut},
  author={Carie Hoover and Megan Bailey and Jeff W. Higdon and Steven H. Ferguson and Rashid Sumaila},
Hunting of narwhal ( Monodon monoceros ) and beluga ( Delphinapterus leucas ) in Hudson Bay is an important activity, providing food and income in northern communities, yet few studies detail the economic aspects of these hunts. We outline the uses of narwhal and beluga and estimate the revenues, costs, and economic use value associated with the hunt on the basis of the harvests in 2007. We also explore the effects of cost sharing and inclusion of opportunity cost of labour on model outputs… Expand

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