Estimating enthalpy of vaporization from vapor pressure using Trouton's rule.

  title={Estimating enthalpy of vaporization from vapor pressure using Trouton's rule.},
  author={Matthew MacLeod and Martin Scheringer and Konrad Hungerbuehler},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={41 8},
The enthalpy of vaporization of liquids and subcooled liquids at 298 K (delta H(VAP)) is an important parameter in environmental fate assessments that consider spatial and temporal variability in environmental conditions. It has been shown that delta H(VAP)P for non-hydrogen-bonding substances can be estimated from vapor pressure at 298 K (P(L)) using an empirically derived linear relationship. Here, we demonstrate that the relationship between delta H(VAP)and PL is consistent with Trouton's… CONTINUE READING
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