Estimating crop water stress with ETM+ NIR and SWIR data

  title={Estimating crop water stress with ETM+ NIR and SWIR data},
  author={Abduwasit Ghulam and Zhao-Liang Li and Qiming Qin and Hamid Yimit and Jihua Wang},
Monitoring of crop water stress from the reflectance of near infrared (NIR) and shortwave infrared (SWIR) wavelengths in the optical domain provides a promising tool for the use of satellite data in precision agriculture. In this paper, a method to monitor crop water stress is developed using ETM+ NIR and SWIR wavelengths. In particular, we investigate the effect of crop drought on wheat canopy biochemistry especially on the fuel moisture content (FMC). Fuel moisture content-based wheat drought… CONTINUE READING

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