Estimating conception statistics using gestational age information from NHS Numbers for Babies data

  title={Estimating conception statistics using gestational age information from NHS Numbers for Babies data},
  author={Yuan Huang Chow and Nirupa Dattani},
  journal={Health Statistics Quarterly},
Conception statistics routinely published for England and Wales include pregnancies that result in one or more live- or stillbirths (a maternity) or an abortion. All live births are assumed to be 38 weeks gestation as information on gestation is not collected at birth registration. For the first time, gestational age information from the National Health Service (NHS) Numbers for Babies (NN4B) data has been used to re-estimate conception statistics for 2005. This shows that 72 per cent of… 

Anatomical, Physiological and Metabolic Changes with Gestational Age during Normal Pregnancy

The collected data presented in this paper provide a potentially useful singular resource for key parameters needed for PBPK modelling in pregnancy, which facilitates the risk assessment of environmental chemicals and therapeutic drug dose adjustments in the pregnant population.

Fetal Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Models: Systems Information on Fetal Biometry and Gross Composition

The collated data presented in this article enabled the development of mathematical functions to describe fetal biometry and provide a potentially useful resource for building anthropometric features of fetal physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models.



Assessing quality of NHS Numbers for Babies data and providing gestational age statistics.

N4B data provide a reference against which to monitor trends in preterm births and can inform the planning of neonatal care provision and the statistics by maternal age, multiplicity and sex are as expected.

Introducing new data on gestation-specific infant mortality among babies born in 2005 in England and Wales.

For the first time, gestation-specific infant mortality rates for England and Wales as a whole are produced, including in relation to birthweight, multiplicity, age of mother, marital status/registration type, and the National Statistics Socio-Economic Classification.

Birthweight and gestational age by ethnic group, England and Wales 2005: introducing new data on births.

This paper presents the first analyses of ethnic differences in birthweight and gestational age at birth for England and Wales as a whole, and examines how parental socio-demographic circumstances vary by ethnic group.

Does gestation vary by ethnic group? A London-based study of over 122,000 pregnancies with spontaneous onset of labour.

It is suggested that normal gestational length is shorter in Black and Asian women compared with white European women and that fetal maturation may occur earlier than previously thought.

Birth Counts. Statistics of Pregnancy and Childbirth

Birth Counts brings together statistical information about pregnancy and childbirth in the United Kingdom, drawing on information made available by the Government Statistical Service and the Office of Population Censuses and Surveys.

Report: Conceptions in England and Wales, 2004.

Pilot linkage of NHS Numbers for Babies data with birth registrations.

The results justify extending the linkage to the remainder of births in 2005, by retaining NHS numbers on stillbirth registration records and avoiding manual transfer of NHS numbers.