Estimating and mapping the incidence of giardiasis in Colombia, 2009-2013.


BACKGROUND Giardiasis is one of the most common intestinal infections in the world. There have been no national studies on the morbidity of giardiasis in Colombia. In this study, incidence rates of giardiasis were estimated for the years 2009-2013. METHODS An observational, retrospective study of the giardiasis incidence in Colombia, 2009-2013, was performed using data extracted from the personal health records system (Registro Individual de Prestación de Servicios, RIPS). Official population estimates from the National Department of Statistics (DANE) were used for the estimation of crude and adjusted incidence rates (cases/100 000 population). RESULTS During the period studied, 15 851 cases were reported (median 3233/year; 5-year cumulated crude national rate of 33.97 cases/100 000 population). Of these, 50.3% were female; 58.4% were <10 years old and 14.8% were 10-19 years old. By region, 17.7% were from Bogotá (10.07 cases/100 000 population, 2009), 10.9% from Antioquia (9.42, 2009), 8.6% from Atlántico (15.67, 2009), and 6.5% from Risaralda (33.38, 2009). Cases were reported in all departments (even insular areas). CONCLUSIONS As giardiasis is neglected in many countries, surveillance is not regularly undertaken. Despite its limitations, this study is the first attempt to provide estimates of national giardiasis incidence with consistent findings regarding affected age groups and geographical distribution.

DOI: 10.1016/j.ijid.2016.06.005

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