Estimating Peak uranium production in China – Based on a Stella model

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Possibilities of Uranium Deposit Kuriskova Mining and Its Influence on the Energy Potential of Slovakia from Own Resources
Uranium is one of the strategic minerals used mainly in energetics. The main purpose of uranium mining is to achieve maximum production to meet the rapidly growing demand for energies. It needs to
The Availability of Critical Minerals for China’s Renewable Energy Development: An Analysis of Physical Supply
In the context of depletion of fossil energy and environmental impacts of its use, society has begun to develop vigorously renewable energy (RE). As a result, concerns about the availability of
Uranium pollution status and speciation analysis in the farmland-rice system around a uranium tailings mine in southeastern China
The total uranium (U) content and various forms of U content in the farmland-paddy rice system around uranium tailings dam were investigated and analyzed to reveal the actual situation of U pollution
Liberation Mechanism of Uranium from Radioactive Metallurgical Waste Containing Uranium by a Clean Leaching Method
Developing a highly efficient method to recover uranium from metallurgical waste can alleviate the shortage of uranium resources. However, the dissociation of uranium is limited by the ultrafine
A Copula–Hubbert Model for Co(By)-Product Minerals
Production of major minerals and co(by)-product minerals is highly connected. For example, almost 95% of indium production can be derived from zinc mining and processing. In this paper, a
Heavy Metals/Metalloids in Soil of a Uranium Tailings Pond in Northwest China: Distribution and Relationship with Soil Physicochemical Properties and Radionuclides
Uranium tailings ponds have a potential impact on the soil ecological environment and human health. In this study, the measurement and spatial distribution characteristics of soil physicochemical