Estimating Forest Canopy Height using Photon-counting Laser Altimetry


Reliable global estimates of forest biomass and its dynamics are critically important for understanding the global carbon cycle and its dynamics (e.g., Bellassen et al. 2011). Many studies have been published regarding the estimation of above-ground biomass using airborne or satellite analog lidar systems (e.g., Nelson et al. 1988; Naesset 2002; Drake et al. 2003; Popescu et al. 2003; Lim and Treitz 2004; Nelson et al. 2004; Bortolot and Wynne 2005; Sun et al. 2007; Thomas et al. 2006; van Aardt et al. 2008). In order to detect change at the global scale, repeated satellite observations are needed (Hall et al. 2011).

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