Estimates of rotavirus disease burden in Hong Kong: hospital-based surveillance.

  title={Estimates of rotavirus disease burden in Hong Kong: hospital-based surveillance.},
  author={Edmund Anthony S Nelson and John S. Tam and Joseph S. Bresee and K Poon and Chi-Hang Ng and K S Ip and Thomas Christopher Mast and Paul K. S. Chan and Umesh Parashar and Tai-fai Fok and Roger I. Glass},
  journal={The Journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={192 Suppl 1},
BACKGROUND We conducted prospective, hospital-based surveillance for rotavirus disease for a 2-year period at 4 of 12 public government (Hospital Authority [HA]) hospitals in Hong Kong. It has been estimated that HA hospitals provide 90% of inpatient care in Hong Kong. METHODS Information was collected for children <5 years old who had a primary or secondary diagnosis of diarrhea or for whom a stool sample was tested for the presence of rotavirus (by enzyme immunoassay) or bacteria (by… CONTINUE READING


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