Estimates of employment gains attributable to beer legalization in spring 1933

  title={Estimates of employment gains attributable to beer legalization in spring 1933},
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The politics of beer: analysis of the congressional votes on the beer bill of 1933
Abstract Nine days after he took office in March 1933, Franklin Roosevelt asked Congress to amend existing federal Prohibition policy so as to allow for the sale and consumption of 3.2% alcohol beer.
Recovery from the Great Depression: The Farm Channel in Spring 1933
From March to July 1933, US industrial production rose 57 percent. We show that an important source of recovery was the effect of dollar devaluation on farm prices, incomes, and consumption.
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The President's Reemployment Agreement (PRA) of 1933 directed firms to reduce workweeks during the Great Depression so existing jobs could be spread into additional employment opportunities. Similar
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The New Deal during the 1930s was arguably the largest peace-time expansion in federal government activity in American history. Until recently there had been very little quantitative testing of the
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The National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) was enacted by Congress in June of 1933 to assist the nation’s recovery during the Great Depression. Its passage ushered in a unique experiment in US
Local and Regional Breweries in America's Brewing Industry, 1865 to 1920
  • M. Stack
  • History, Economics
    Business History Review
  • 2000
Between the end of the Civil War and the enactment of national Prohibition in 1920, America's brewing industry grew to become one of the nation's leading manufacturing industries. During the first
New deal funding: Estimates of federal grants and loans across states by year, 1930-1940
Abstract During the 1930s Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal created a wide range of spending and loan programs. Brief descriptions are provided for the programs created by the New Deal and loan and