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Estimated Incidence of Ophthalmic Conditions Associated with Optic Nerve Disease in Middle Tennessee

  title={Estimated Incidence of Ophthalmic Conditions Associated with Optic Nerve Disease in Middle Tennessee},
  author={Shikha Chaganti and Katrina Nelson and Robert L. Harrigan and Kunal P. Nabar and Naresh Nandakumar and Tara Goecks and Seth A. Smith and Bennett A. Landman and Louise A. Mawn},
  journal={arXiv: Tissues and Organs},
Aims. The objective of this paper is to determine the incidence of ophthalmic disease potentially leading to optic nerve disease in Middle Tennessee. Methods. We use a retrospective population-based incidence study design focusing on the population of middle Tennessee and its nearby suburbs (N=3 397 515). The electronic medical records for all patients evaluated or treated at a large tertiary care hospital and clinics with an initial diagnosis of a disease either affecting the optic nerve, or… 

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