• Psychology
  • Published 2018

Estilos de enseñanza y aprendizaje de maestros y estudiantes en relación con el desempeño en Ciencias Sociales

  title={Estilos de ense{\~n}anza y aprendizaje de maestros y estudiantes en relaci{\'o}n con el desempe{\~n}o en Ciencias Sociales},
  author={Jos{\'e} Francisco Polo Rojas and Mar{\'i}a Alejandra Ni{\~n}o Guerrero},
This paper shows the results obtained by a research conducted since the year 2017 that emerged from the teachers’ interests in goals and challenges that come from the teaching practice in the Social Studies subject. The constant quest of pedagogical answers and teaching didactic, allowed determining the established relation between the teaching and learning styles of the teachers with the learning styles and class development in the social studies field in secondary and middle school students… CONTINUE READING