Estilos de aprendizagem e solução de problemas: um estudo com pré-escolares

  title={Estilos de aprendizagem e soluç{\~a}o de problemas: um estudo com pr{\'e}-escolares},
  author={Ac{\'a}cia Aparecida Angeli Santos and Rog{\'e}ria Gasparim Amadi and Katya Luciane de Oliveira},
The objective of this study has been to examine the relation between learning styles and problem solving, verifying which situation of musical stimulus could promote a better performance on preschool children at a given task. A sample of 22 children between five and six years old participated in this study, replying aloud to a learning style inventory read to them by the experimenters, and solved three puzzles under different conditions of musical stimulus. The results certified that… CONTINUE READING