Esthetic considerations in interdental papilla: remediation and regeneration.

  title={Esthetic considerations in interdental papilla: remediation and regeneration.},
  author={Anita Angela Sharma and Jae Hyun Park},
  journal={Journal of esthetic and restorative dentistry : official publication of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry ... [et al.]},
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This article reviews the etiology and treatment of open gingival embrasures or black triangles. An open gingival embrasure or black triangle occurs as a result of a deficiency of papilla beneath the contact point. The treatment of open embrasures may require restorative, orthodontic and periodontal considerations depending on the underlying etiology. The authors reviewed a total of 42 articles including review of literature, radiographic, cross-sectional, and retrospective studies in Ovid… CONTINUE READING