Esterase and lipase activity in Jatropha curcas L. seeds.

  title={Esterase and lipase activity in Jatropha curcas L. seeds.},
  author={R Staubmann and I Ncube and Georg M. Guebitz and Walter Steiner and John S. Read},
  journal={Journal of biotechnology},
  volume={75 2-3},
Two new esterases (JEA and JEB) and a lipase (JL) were extracted from the seeds of Jatropha curas L. Lipase activity was only found during germination of the seeds and increased to a maximum after 4 days of germination. All enzymes were found to be most active in the alkaline range at around pH 8 and the purified (fractionated precipitation with ethanol and gel filtration) esterases were very stable at high temperatures. The molecular weight (SDS-PAGE) of both esterases was determined to be 21… CONTINUE READING

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