Establishment of prostatic cell line "Pro9ad" from a p53-deficient mouse.


BACKGROUND We demonstrated that p53-deficiency is sufficient for immortalization of fetal uterine cells. In the present study, we further extended our previous observations to prostate tissues from a young p53-deficient adult mouse. METHODS Cell lines were established from the ventral prostate of a p53-deficient male mouse and maintained in medium… (More)


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@article{Hanazono1998EstablishmentOP, title={Establishment of prostatic cell line "Pro9ad" from a p53-deficient mouse.}, author={M Hanazono and Erina Nakagawa and Shin Ichi Aizawa and Yasuhiro Tomooka}, journal={The Prostate}, year={1998}, volume={36 2}, pages={102-9} }