Establishment of intestinal ciliates in new-born horses.

  title={Establishment of intestinal ciliates in new-born horses.},
  author={Kazunori Ike and Soichi Imai and Tadahiro Ishii},
  journal={Nihon juigaku zasshi. The Japanese journal of veterinary science},
  volume={47 1},
The establishment of horse intestinal ci iates was investigated on 12 foals fed on a farm in Hokkaido, Japan, The ciliates not found in the feces directly after rhe birth of the foals, began to be detected in it on and after the 1lth day, The ciliate density reached to almost the same level as that in adult horses, 104/ml, on about the 35th day after birth, The higher the cemposition rate of a ciliate family in the adult host was, the earlier the family appeared in the feces of the foals. After… CONTINUE READING