Establishment of a 3 . 83-Ga magmatic age for the Akilia tonalite ( southern West Greenland )

  title={Establishment of a 3 . 83-Ga magmatic age for the Akilia tonalite ( southern West Greenland )},
  author={Stephen J. Mojzsis and Theresa M Harrison},
A recurring challenge to ion microprobe U^Pb zircon geochronology has been to discriminate between preservation of original igneous zircon populations and inherited grains. This has proved particularly problematic in studying the polyphase metamorphic rocks that dominate Early Archean gneissic terranes. For example, differing interpretations exist for the origin of complex zircon populations investigated by U^Pb ion microprobe zircon geochronology from a granitoid (orthogneiss) body, previously… CONTINUE READING
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