• Biology
  • Published 2012

Establishment and optimization of SCoT-PCR system in Fragaria

  title={Establishment and optimization of SCoT-PCR system in Fragaria},
  author={Guo Qi-gao},
Start Codon Targeted Polymorphism(SCoT) is a novel gene-targeted molecular marker technique.In this experiment,a L25(56) or thogonal design was used for the optimal SCoT-PCR reaction system of strawberry with 11 Fragaria species and a cultivar as materials.The optimal PCR reaction mixture of SCoT-PCR system for strawberry was 2.0 mmol·L-1 Mg2+,0.3 mmol·L-1 dNTPs,0.75 U Taq polymerase,0.75 μmol·L-1 primer and 40 ng template DNA in 20 μL mixtures.Furthermore,the annealing temperature of each… CONTINUE READING