Establishment and Evaluation Aspects of Cyprus Gps Permanent Network for Mapping Applications


The study describes the design, installation, testing and use of a pilot permanent GPS stations network in Cyprus, for mapping purposes. In addition, it evaluates its operation in order to produce the infrastructure mainly for mobile mapping applications but also any other type of relevant applications. The Continuously Reference Station Network is designed and established according to various quality criteria, which are discussed. Several applications using all the available information in static, kinematic in post process and RTK using virtual reference station technique and autonomous navigation mode are carried out. Three main groups of applications for mobile mapping are identified and investigated: the first group concerns applications requiring low accuracies (up to 10m), the second group concerns applications requiring medium accuracies (up to 1m), and the final group concerns applications requiring high accuracies (up to few cm). A detail report about the experimental results, aspects and conclusions is presented. Emphasis is also put on a digital aerial acquisition project, using GPS/INS measurements. Furthermore, in order to test the effectiveness of using C/A code-data for low cost DGPS applications in real time, appropriate software using the VRS technique is developed. For that reason measurements of three permanent GPS stations are analyzed for a determination of a kinematic chain which took place in the broader area of Pafos, Cyprus. The positional accuracy of the path is finally assessed by comparing the results with post processed trajectory. The results showed that using the VRS station concept with our developed software named “3VRS”, similar accuracies can be achieved in distances of up to 20km from the nearest reference station as for short baselines in the single station concept.

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