[Establishing the structure of anthracyclinones produced by Streptomyces griseoruber].


Streptomyces grisoruber strain 1618-306 produces three types of anthracycline antibiotics, derivatives of epsilon-pyrromycinone (methyl (7S, 9R, 10R)-9-ethyl-5,7,8,9,10,12-hexahydro-1,4,6,7,9-pentahydroxy-5,12-di oxo-10- naphthacenecarboxylate), epsilon-1-hydroxyauramycinone and epsilon-1-hydroxysulfurmycinone, differing in C-9 substituent in D ring of anthracyclines (Et, Met or CH2COCH3, respectively). Besides 7-O-glycosides of these aglycones, complex of antibiotics contains corresponding 7-deoxy- and 7,8,9,10-bisanhydroanthracyclinones.

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