Establishing Human-Centered Design Process in Mobile Phone Development

  • V Masashi Tanimura, V Masanobu Kanazawa, V Takuma Sudo
  • Published 2009


Fujitsu is improving the usability of mobile phones based on human-centered design that involves the research, development, and evaluation processes, as well as the strengthening of human resources. Third-party research and creating Persona in the research process, user testing and heuristic evaluation in the evaluation process, and training sessions for strengthening of human resources are a part of this effort. In the development process, we applied our method previously devised for Web development called the Scenario-Based Walkthrough method, which allows those not specialized in usability to easily conduct evaluation at the design phase. We also prepared a usability dictionary that contains case studies of usability problems found in various evaluations. Through these approaches, we established a sustainable human-centered design process, which led to the improvement of product usability. This paper introduces an outline of each process and gives specific examples of improvement.

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