Essentials of psychological testing

  title={Essentials of psychological testing},
  author={Lee Joseph Cronbach},
I.BASIC CONCEPTS. 1.Who Uses Tests? And for What Purposes? 2.Varieties of Tests and Test Interpretations. 3.Administering Tests. 4.Scores and Score Conversions. 5.How to Judge Tests: Validation. 6.How to Judge Tests: Reliability and other Qualities. II.TESTS OF ABILITY. 7.General Ability: Appraisal Methods. 8.The Meanings of General Ability. 9.Influences on Intellectual Development. 10.Multiple Abilities and Their Role in Counseling. 11.Personnel Selection. III.MEASURES OF TYPICAL RESPONSE. 12… 
Psychological Testing: An Introduction
Preface Part I. Basic Issues: 1. The nature of tests 2. Test construction, administration, and Interpretation 3. Reliability and validity Part II. Dimensions of Testing: 4. Personality 5. Cognition
Essentials of psychological testing
Series Preface. One: Introduction to Psychological Tests and Their Uses. Two: Essential Statistics for Testing. Three: Essentials of Test Score Interpretation. Four: Essentials of Reliability. Five:
Handbook of Personality Assessment
Preface. I. Basic Considerations. 1. History of personality assessment. Early Events. Emergence of Personality Psychology. World War II and the Expansion of Clinical Psychology. Trends Over Time:
Introduction to Psychological Assessment
Psychological testing and assessment are important in virtually every aspect of professional psychology. Assessment has widespread application in health, educational, occupational, forensic,
Personality Measurement and Employment Decisions. Questions and Answers.
The invisible college of psychologists who do research with measures of normal personality now largely agrees about the structure of personality; this group also agrees that competently developed
What Should Intelligence Tests Test? Implications of a Triarchic Theory of Intelligence for Intelligence Testing
IQ tests work only for some people some of the time. This assertion is an inescapable conclusion of the fact that "it is unusual for a validity coefficient to rise above .60, though that is far from
Testwiseness: some evidence for the effect of personality testing on subsequent test results.
High testwise subjects had higher needs for Understanding and Nurturance, and lower needs for Aggression and Defendence than low testwise persons, and the importance of considering testwiseness, given trends in society encouraging access to psychological records, is discussed.
The Future of Testing: A Research Agenda for Cognitive Psychology and Psychometrics.
Abstract : Current research in cognitive and developmental psychology can influence the development of new psychometric methodology. Research on the diagnosis of performance regularities at different
It is the purpose of this chapter to emphasize several measures of the validity of the present test. Validity is one of the most important of the charac­ teristics of a standardised test. McCall1
Advances and Continuing Challenges in Objective Personality Testing
The use of objective behavioral indicators instead of selfreported behaviors and self-ratings has a long history in personality assessment. The basic idea of objective personality tests (OPTs) can be